Lease Plans

In 2003 the Land Registry introduced new rules which stated that any new lease lasting seven years or longer must be registered with the Land registry and be accompanied by a compliant lease plan.
This includes ensuring that the plan is drawn to a requisite scale, uses Ordnance Survey mapping as part of the submission, and shows how the building is positioned in relating to the surrounding area.
Lease Plans are now a legal requirement. If you are selling your property with a new lease, or are increasing the length of your lease, or if you are extending the demise of your flat (extensions etc) you will need a new Lease plan.

Title Plans

A Title Plan is a map produced by Land Registry to record the general position of the boundaries of a registered title. The purpose of the title plan is to support
the property description in the register by providing a graphic representation and identifying the general extent of the land in a registered title.

Transfer Plans

When land is being transferred/sold, there must be a way to clearly describe the land being made subject of the transfer/sale.
Normally the land will be within a part of an existing title. In which case a Transfer plan will help illustrate exactly what land is being transferred out of a title.
The plan should be Land Registry Compliant (to a scale of 1:500 or 1:1250) and have a north point.

Example PLAN
- Transfer Plans